Monday, July 30, 2007

Week 9, Thing 22

I first became acquainted with ebooks when I was working on a mini-unit on Aesop Fables. I figured they must be public domain so I did a little searching and sure enough there they were. I could easily print out different fables for the small groups. Unfortunately, I did not know of the great resources provided for us in this tutorial. Using examples of modern editions of one or more of the fables and comparing with the older editions the students were able to write their own versions with illustrations. If I had had this class, I would be able to link to an example of student work.

Search results for Aesop

I didn't even think to look for audio, ah, next time.

Librivox search results for Aesop

The students could read, write, record, and share. All with excellent models. Who knows maybe even a video.

I was also excited by all the Baum, there is so much we can use to continue to excite students about learning.

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