Monday, July 2, 2007

Week 5 (Play Week), Thing #11

As I mentioned the thing #11, a Web 2.0 award winner, that I am exploring is "Library Thing". This is an amazing site and illustrates the power of social networking fairly well. I joined the "Librarians who LibraryThing" group, this seemed like a logical choice. The group has 2599 members so it appeaars that many others had similar thought patterns.

Things I like about Library Thing:

  1. There are many users
  2. It is easy to find users with similar interests
  3. You don't have to reveal anything about yourself
  4. You don't need an email address to register
  5. Locating information about a title is very easy

Things I do not like about Library Thing:

  1. It can take a day away from your life
  2. So many books so little time

You can see that the positive points outnumber the negative. The time thing is a huge issue with web 2.0 applications. I like the comment "Web 2.0 – with so much to explore, just start with ONE. :)" from our leaders. Another positive from this exercise is that I learned how to make a numbered list using HTML and found a very easy-to-use HTML tutorial.
EchoEcho.Com - WebMaster Resources & Tutorials
The specific page for making lists is
HTML Lists Introduction.


kangaLMT2 said...

I also discovered librarything this week, and I love it. I haven't entered very many books yet, but I will.

Thanks for the tip on lists! I will use it before the end of the summer.

Joan Tracy said...

Thank you for link. I have found knowing just a little html really helps in blogs and wikis. I know just a little. This will help.