Friday, July 27, 2007

Week 9, Thing 20

I posted this video because it states so well what we are about in library 2.0.

Like so many others, I have just spent way too much time on Youtube. One thing I found which totally surprised me was a video of my son (an adult) doing an ASL presentation, no narration or translation so I do not know what it is about. I'll ask him the next time we talk. Youtube has all the good and the bad of web 2.0 applications. The good, everyone can do "their thing". The bad, everyone can do "their thing." We just need to learn to use the good and contribute and teach our students how to evaluate and avoid the bad. This is over simplified I know but you get the point.


kangaLMT2 said...

This inspirational video dovetails really well with Joyce Valenza's manifesto (linked on my blog).

Thanks for the awesome video....I have really learned a lot from your blog over the summer!

Bookworm said...

Thanks, this whole experience has been very educational. Joyce Valenza is amazing and inspirational. Thanks for all your good ideas.
Your blog is one I keep track of on my Google Reader list.