Sunday, June 24, 2007

Week 4, Thing #8

Here is the link to my Shared Feeds. I made the library blogs and library news feeds public but keep my family's blogs and general news private. I don't think this community would be interested.
The whole concept of RSS fascinates me. The Mabry Middle School site is amazing. They have podcasts, video and many other examples of creative use of technology.
I have this nagging issue rattling around in my head: How reliable would all this be in the school setting? I have had many situations where I have developed a lesson, started classes working on a project then have something crash. Our students are learning to deal with frustration. This has happened with simple applications so I worry about the more complex technologies we are working with in this class. I will definitely try them and see what happens but I do worry.


Anonymous said...

I teach seniors in American Government and I thought RSS feeds would be interesting to have the students subscribe to differenet RSS feeds on the current political races. I also thought my world hsitory students could subscribe to RSS feeds of news agencies/papers around the world so we could compare how events/issues are seen differently around the world.

Bookworm said...

That sounds interesting and relevant. What would you recommend for an elementary school?