Saturday, June 23, 2007

Week 3, Thing #7

Week three is taking forever. I've been trying to figure out which technology to write about; there are so many to chose from. I'll go with Youtube. This technology really lets the creative juices flow. During our recent teacher strike, I really believe that Youtube made a difference. The Truth this is just one example of many editions of "The Truth". These were posted almost daily on the Hayward Teachers Together blog. True, this application is not how one would normally use Youtube in an educational setting. What impresses me is the great versatility and potential for creativity.
I posted a comment on Bibliomaniac. I find the Zoho very interesting though I have no personal experience with it yet.


bibliofan said...

Thank You for your comment on my Bibliomaniac Blog. I am not quite sure of the etiquette of returning a comment.
It looks as though you are very active in your union. YouTube has certainly hit big. I think it is fun to explore, but a huge time consumer.

Bookworm said...

You are sure right about the time consuming part. I also spend too much time just reading random bolgs.