Friday, June 15, 2007

Week 3, Thing #5

I have been exploring Flickr and really enjoy the amazing photos and all the different ways they are organized. I made an account and hope to do all the activities. I uploaded two photos, one public and one private. I am concerned about posting pictures of students so the public one is our amazing traffic after school. I did a search for library groups and found several that look interesting.
The students are gone for the summer and it is time to make the library environment a better place for students. We have a small grant to separate the computer lab from the library, which means moving all the books and shelves during the summer. Don't worry I won't be doing much of the physical labor. Even after the move we will be too crowded but I think things will be much better. Right now we have 30 student computer work stations, 8,000 books and about 33 students in a 40' X 26' room.


BalerLibrary2 said...

Wow, your school traffic is as bad as ours. I can't believe how thoughtless parents are, stopping in the middle of the street to drop off or pick up their kids...

Flickr really is a great repository, isn't it?

Your summer project sounds interesting. How will students move from computers to books and back as they locate information?

Keep up the great work on your "23 things."

-Doug Achterman

Bookworm said...

Well, the plan is to have tech applications one week and book based lessons the next. The room with the books will have a few computers to access the catalog and do quick look-ups. We tried to get a double room but no luck.
I am enjoying the 23 things they do seem to get more complicated quickly but summer is a good time for a challenge.