Monday, July 30, 2007

Week 9, Thing 23

Favorite discoveries:
Custom Searches with Rollyo and Google Search both work well, but I like the Google version better. This is definitely a tool I will use often with our students.
PBwiki, what a great collaboration tool and not just for students. I see this as having a real impact in improving our school wide community. I am working on a library one but I see lots of other uses especially with our staff, meeting agendas and sharing of teaching ideas.
Visit my wiki. The magic word is runner. It definitely needs lots of work and I am sure our students will provide lots of ideas and inspiration. I am thinking about locking the AUP page but that is relatively expensive so I'll wait and see what happens.

Life-Long Learning Goals:
I am no longer afraid that the technology will overwhelm me. I have learned to try new things, not be afraid to fail and keep going. There will always be new “things” to learn and do. Our students deserve the very best I can provide.

Just about everything.
RSS feeds have greatly changed the way I view family and friends blogs. The professional blogs have been eye opening and very educational. There are so many wonderful, creative teachers and librarians surrounding me that I will never lack for inspiration.

Do differently:
If there could be some way to encourage more interaction among the participants, maybe comment on another blog each week. I found the comments very encouraging from the team but was elated when a fellow participant commented. The team has been wonderful and I treasure all the input. As so many others before me have said: Thank you!

Participate in another:
Yes, for sure. This was a great experience for me. I don’t think I would attempt one during the school year as I would get too far behind.

One word:
I guess that dates me. I am proud of what I have accomplished.


Liz Dodds said...

congratulations on making it all the way through! I know you will be using a lot of this knowledge in the months to come.

Katie Williams said...

I just finished my 23rd thing, too! I agree that the communication from colleagues has been a highlight of this experience. I hope you will keep blogging (you are on my RSS feed!)

Bookworm said...

Thanks and congratulations! Your students are indeed fortunate! Keep blogging.

Jackie S, 2.0 project manager said...

Congratulations! You have successfully completed School Library Learning 2.0 and now are an official member of the CSLA 2.0 Team. Your blog has been moved to the "Congratulations - 2.0 Team" list.

Please keep up your blog and cheer on your colleagues. Each time we read another's blog, we learn about their discoveries and often they are new discoveries for us, too. Best wishes.

- JackieS
CSLA 2.0 Team project manager

Bookworm said...

Thank you! I have really enjoyed reading others' blogs.

IrmaPince said...

Congratulations! I am glad you enjoyed the journey and that it made you even more confident in using technology. Don't forget to check into the curriculum wiki to find new ideas and to contribute your own.